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Larsen XO

Larsen XO

70cl40% VOL

Larsen XO is the choice of the true cognac lover. Enjoy the legendary distinctive fruity taste and elegant style.

Larsen XO is a blend of 60 different eaux de vies from the Fin Bois and Petite Champagne regions of cognac, that have been aged in oak barrels. The youngest spirits in the blend are 10 years old, while the oldest have been aged for as long as 30 years.

Tasting Notes


A dark amber color.


Rich aromas, ripe fruits, prunes, walnuts, balsamic and humus. Spices are well present with cinnamon and pepper.


Characterised by ong ageing in oak barrels, high concentration of aromas named “Rancio”. Long, elegant intense finish.


Larsen XO is to be enjoyed neat to experience the superior elegance.